Last Day To Nominate The Most Underappreciated Leonard Cohen Song

I am asking fans for their nominations, secure in the conviction that they will recognize the subjective intent of “The Most Underappreciated Leonard Cohen Song.”

Nominations can be left in the comments section here or sent via email to [email protected] Nominations will be open until Noon (Eastern) Nov 8, 2019. The most popular nominations will then be submitted on “The Most Underappreciated Leonard Cohen Song” ballot for voting. A list of current nominations can be viewed here.

Credit Due Department: Photo by Lorca Cohen.

8 thoughts on “Last Day To Nominate The Most Underappreciated Leonard Cohen Song

  1. I nominate “I was never any good.” for the most unappreciated song of Leonard. It’s only on one album, and I think it must gave been recorded around the time he and Rebecca de Mornay broke up.

  2. I Nominate Chelsea Hotel #1 it’s the Original & Nobody seems to understand its Power of a Street relationship that still goes on .

  3. Since I didn’t spot it on the list yet and I find Recent Songs as a whole somewhat underappreciated I’d like to nominate The Smokey Life.

  4. ALL Cohen` songs are under appreciated. There’s a new epiphany every time I listen to him sing: a new awakening in every timeless verse.; another door opens with every new album: He’s Got Me Singing, I think I`ll light another Thin Green Candle.
    How about an easier question: why was one of his Pink & Black busses on the side of the road in Fairmont BC (in the middle of nowhere) the day after his concert in Calgary at the Jack Singer Hall? Simply broke down, or was he heading for the Hot Springs over night?

    1. Yes, this is hardly mentioned and it is a brilliant song. Definitely a ‘go to’ track from ‘Recent Songs’, which is maybe his most under appreciated album. I rank these songs among those from the first three albums.

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