Video: Leonard Cohen Performs “The Future” On 1993 Jay Leno Tonight Show

You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If – Your first thought on hearing that Jay Leno is doing a standup comedy show in your town is “Hey, didn’t Leonard sing The Future on Leno’s show 20+ years ago?”

I Have Seen The Future, Baby – And It’s Abridged

In support of The Future album (released November 24, 1992), Leonard Cohen appeared on a number of TV shows (more of which will be posted soon), including the 16 April 1993 Tonight Show with Jay Leno where Leonard performed a shortened version of The Future (with “Give me crack and anal sex” changed to “Give me speed and careless sex”). In post-performance banter, Cohen noted

It was very gracious of you to invite me to chop this song in half

Perla Batalla and Julie Christensen, however, were not only complete but were in fine form.


Leonard Cohen – The Future
Tonight Show: April 16, 1993

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