“It has not always been easy being a Leonard Cohen Fan” Here It Is – Letters To Leonard Cohen: Leonard Who?


“Here It Is – Letters To Leonard Cohen,” a book presented to the Canadian singer-songwriter in celebration of his 80th birthday, comprises stories and essays by fans that put their experience of Cohen’s music into words. Kim Gorsuch, who has long admired Cohen, came up with the idea and organized the project, gathering the pieces and photos online for printing into a hardbound volume.* Because the stories are too significant and too moving not to be shared, Cohencentric.com is posting a number of Kim’s selections. Today’s offering is Leonard Who? by Mark Hillier.

Leonard Who?

It has not always been easy being a Leonard Cohen Fan. It was almost as if you had to be invited to join a secret society – “Listen to this” someone would say as they passed you a record, handling it as they would a precious object.

Then you were hooked. No way out now for you my friend!

You would then grew older and move away from who ever introduced you to Leonard Cohen in the first place. Then came the wilderness years.

Suffering from an addiction that no one understands.

You seem to be quite alone. No Cohen on the radio or TV.

Your Family and friends don’t agree with you about the “Golden Voice.” New albums are found by chance – but the cry soon goes up around you, “Let’s put something more cheerful on now!”

You don’t give up – you try to persuade those around you to listen.

No – Really listen!

Then you find the forum.

Guess what! You are not alone, there are some others like you and some have it worse than you do.



A tricky explanation to your wife that you will just have to travel . No I don’t know where yet but I will have to go.

But, he hasn’t sung for years. His voice may no longer be as “Golden.”

You may the be only one there! (there aren’t a lot of you, you know!)


Sold out in minutes.

A Standing ovation for walking onto the stage.

Rave reviews

Bigger venues

The tour continues and continues.

I HAVE TO GO AGAIN! -“but you’ve already seen him”

A sea of fans now.

I know some of these people, they have traveled from all over the world to be there.

“Some of my friends are with me” sings Leonard.

He is right, and now we know we were right too.


*Note: Kim Gorsuch is also the head of Weeva.co, an online platform for such projects. The stories for “Here It Is – Letters To Leonard Cohen” were collected and formatted on Weeva.co. All costs were picked up by Weeva.co.

Credit Due Department: The photo on the book cover (see top of post) was contributed by Dominique BOILE

I am republishing selected posts from my former Leonard Cohen site, Cohencentric, here on AllanShowalter.com (these posts can be found at Leonard Cohen). This entry was originally posted Oct 16, 2014 at DrHGuy.com.

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