A Voice Made For Christmas – Carols By & Memories From Allison Crowe

Allison Crowe’s resonant, rich, gorgeous voice seems as much a manifestation of Christmas as an instrument for singing holiday songs. Indeed, a Christmas season at AllanShowalter.com without an Allison Crowe post would be like Christmas without – well, without a performance by Allison Crowe.

Allison Crowe On The Sound Of Christmas

When asked about a favorite Christmas memory, Allison, offered this:

For my whole life, as far back as I can remember, to me the sound of Christmas has been Boney M. On Christmas morning or decorating the tree before Christmas – I hear Mary’s Boy Child and the entire album.

I have one memory in particular of decorating the tree, (I needed a step-stool then and I still do now), in my Scottie dog pajamas and pink satin princess hat with lavender crepe train, and my initials in purple sequins, (part of my Halloween costume made by Mom), and putting up white pearly sparkly musical instruments and notes ornaments near the top of the tree and listening to Boney M.

That album is so totally ingrained for me that I can’t even tell you now if I was actually listening to it at that moment, or if that’s just the mental soundtrack that’s permanently in my head for Christmas.

Yep, a very young Allison Crowe, clad in Scottie dog pajamas and pink satin princess hat, decorating the tree to music from the Boney M. holiday album – now that’s Christmas.

Allison Crowe Christmas Videos

Allison Crowe has published a holiday album called “Tidings,” the songs from which have been broadcast live as a TV special, so she has a batch of Christmas songs from which to choose. These are a couple of my favorites (today):

Allison Crowe – O Holy Night

Allison Crowe – River (By Joni Mitchell)


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