Video: Allison Crowe Covers “Someday At Christmas” By Stevie Wonder

From the Video Description:

Songs of peace and freedom and justice for all – ‘t’is always the season. Allison Crowe here gives voice to such a tune that filled the air first in 1967 with Stevie Wonder:

Peace on Earth, goodwill toward all.

Someday at Christmas: Composed by Ron Miller & Bryan Wells, performed by Allison Crowe

Someday at Christmas there’ll be no wars
when we have learned what Christmas is for –
when we have found what life’s really worth
there’ll be Peace on Earth.

Visual accompaniment to this musical performance is excerpted from “Peace on Earth”, the 1939 Academy Award-nominated cartoon directed by Hugh Harman.

Allison Crowe – Someday At Christmas
Video by Allison Crowe

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