The Funniest Leonard Cohen Music Videos: #4. I’m Your Man – Swedish TV 1988

The Funniest Leonard Cohen Music Videos

The humor of these videos starring Leonard Cohen, aka Poet Laureate Of Pessimism, aka High Priest Of Pathos, aka Master Of Erotic Despair, aka Gloom Merchant… is self-evident so only minimal annotations have been added. Today’s post features the #4 funniest video.

The Criteria:

  1. The videos must feature Leonard Cohen in a professionally staged and directed performance intended to be viewed in the video medium.
  2. Videos of live performances, such as concerts, are ineligible.
  3. Home-brewed cut and paste videos, Leonard Cohen impersonations, and parodies are ineligible.
  4. “Funniest” includes funny-ha ha, funny-weird, and combinations of both.

4. I’m Your Man (Swedish TV 1988)

My own, previously posted notes follow:

While all the obligatory flirtatious adoration of his back-up singers/willing accomplices associated with the salaciously provocative “I’m Your Man” is, other than the song itself, the high point of the video, at least two other tiny gems adorn this production.

1. I’d Say Please, Too: Just after 2:30 Leonard Cohen does his Roscoe Beck imitation, echoing his own “Pleeeeease.”

2. Someone Makes A Splash: At 1:54 a diver springs into the lake over Julie Christensen’s right shoulder. As a guide, the screen capture is shown below with the diver’s body circled in red.


Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man
Swedish TV: June 29/30, 1988
Video from Current Cohen (May be blocked in some countries)


The Other Funniest Leonard Cohen Music Videos

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2 thoughts on “The Funniest Leonard Cohen Music Videos: #4. I’m Your Man – Swedish TV 1988

  1. I’ve been a Leonard fan 50 years the man’s a master of words, his ability to make you reflect on your own life. You live his music and poetry, I wish I could explain but I’m no Leonard cohen but I’m better for his music been in the dark but always ended up listening to Leonard and saying fuck it and the morning came a new day began

  2. My interpretation of I AM YOUR MAN was quite different and apparently Leonard Cohen got quite a chuckle from it. The painting describes a woman blowing soap bubbles with all the descriptive characters in it and the bubbles dissolve, just like promises, promises. You can see this painting and others at:

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