Nominate Your Favorite Leonard Cohen Performance Of A Cover Song

Do you swoon over Leonard Cohen’s version of Save The Last Dance For Me? Are you wild for his George Jones tribute: Choices? Is his rendition of The Partisan your notion of the ne plus ultra performance of this classic? Are you overwhelmed by his presentation of La Manic? Are you a fan of Leonard’s offerings of Villanelle For Our Time, Kevin Barry, Be For Real, or Un Canadien Errant? Well, if you get a kick out of Leonard’s covers, this is your chance to be heard.

The republication of Rolling Stone’s [Leonard Cohen] doesn’t do many covers, but his set-closing rendition of Save the Last Dance for Me almost makes you forget the Drifters version even exists has led to a consideration of which Leonard Cohen cover of a song written by others is most beloved by his fans. So, let’s find out. Nominate your favorite cover performed by Leonard Cohen. The most popular nominations will then be submitted on the “Best Leonard Cohen Performance Of A Cover Song” ballot for voting.

Note: The only certain way to make a nomination is entering a comment to this post or via email to [email protected].

Cover Song Definition

In the service of clarification, I’ve developed this description of a Leonard Cohen cover:

A song (not a poem) with lyrics written by someone other than Leonard Cohen, which was previously released by an artist(s) other than Leonard Cohen, that was performed by Leonard Cohen in a concert, soundcheck or TV appearance or was released on one of his albums.

Listing Of Cover Songs By Leonard Cohen

A comprehensive list of covers by Leonard Cohen can be found at Covers By Leonard Cohen.

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  1. Weybridge, UK – 11th July 2009 – Open air concert, a dank wet and miserable day saved only by a moving performance.

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