Hey Kids, Let’s Do The Bercy Stomp With Leonard Cohen

Exploring The Moves Of Leonard Cohen

Thanks to internet videos and the extensive touring since 2008, it has become simple enough to recognize Leonard Cohen’s go-to stage moves. Most followers of the Canadian singer-songwriter can, for example, conjure up an accurate vision of the shuffle-swing steps introduced by the words, “white man dancing” in The Future. And almost anyone who has witnessed one of his concerts in the past five years will recognize that he “sings at least half the set on his knees on the patterned rugs that cover the stage, James Brown-style.”1

Today, however, the move under examination is part of a trend that became especially evident in 2013. Linda Sturgess described the choreography in such songs as Democracy:

Would it be wrong to say that Leonard Cohen has expressive leg movements? But really – he is just raring to go – full of energy – and in top form

And shortly thereafter, Linda forwarded the following:

I offer as Exhibit A – in support of my comment about “expressive leg movements” – @3:53 – in Everybody Knows [at the June 18, 2013 Bercy performance]

So now, gentle reader, I invite you to take a look for yourselves at the move Linda Sturgess calls “expressive leg movements” which I, exercising my blogger’s prerogative, have renamed “The Bercy Stomp.”

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
Note: The video automatically begins at the 3:53 mark
Bercy: June 18, 2013
Video by qawwal78


Bonus – Animation Souvenir

This graphic is part of the The Leonard Cohen Animation Collection, the largest (and only) curated gallery of Cohen-associated animated gifs on the internet. View more animated gifs at Leonard Cohen Animations.

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  1. That quote was shamelessly lifted from Martin Colyer’s excellent Extra! 5 Things Concerning Leonard Cohen in Paris post reviewing the Sept 30, 2012 Leonard Cohen Paris Concert. []

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