The Duchess’s Toilet Paper Triumph

I am incredibly proud of the many accomplishments of The Duchess (aka Penny Showalter aka my wife), from her academic achievements as a math major to her unprecedented rise in corporate ranks, first as a banker and later as a consultant to the mortgage industry, to her winning ballroom dancing competitions

Video: You’ll Carry Me Down On Your Dancing – The Duchess Dances To Leonard Cohen’s “Take This Waltz”

to her ascendancy in Aerial Yoga.

Penny Showalter Has Completed Aerial Yoga Teacher Training – I Did Not See That Coming When We Married

But, I never anticipated that my greatest accolade for The Duchess in April 2020 would be in response to her acquirement, in her once weekly grocery shopping, of 18 Mega Rolls of Harris-Teeter Ultra Soft toilet paper.

The things a pandemic changes…

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