Most Popular 2013 Leonard Cohen Sighting: “Bunkered Down In Regina” After Missing 2 Concerts Due To Flu

Dave Mitchell: Well, this just made my day. Leonard Cohen sighting in #yqr [Regina]

Well, Dave, it made our day, too.

Update: When this photo appeared on Instagram in March 2013, fans reacted with both excitement and relief because it was the first sighting of the Canadian singer-songwriter since the flu had incapacitated so many members of the Unified Heart Touring Company that two concerts had been cancelled. When the image disappeared from Instagram, I tracked down the account holder, Dave Oswald Mitchell, who gave permission to post the original photo and described how the shot took place:

I took that photo on a cold spring day in Regina, Saskatchewan, where Cohen had been scheduled to play the night before but had had to cancel because one or more band members had fallen ill. I spotted him across the lounge of the Hotel Saskatchewan, and, as a huge fan of his work, couldn’t bring myself to disturb him, but also couldn’t restrain myself from snapping that photo.

Message Received From Beleaguered Cohen Expedition: “Bunkered in Regina and on the mend”

The contemporaneous situation in Regina can be extrapolated from this photo and caption posted by Joey Carenza on March 10, 2013.

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