The Favourite Games Of Leonard Cohen: Racket Sports, Cycling, Golf, & Swimming

I love to speak with Leonard, He’s a sportsman …

In honor of today’s opening of the Olympic Games [when first posted in 2012], we’re taking a look at some of The Favourite Games Of Leonard Cohen. 

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Racket Sports

Mini Table Tennis: One just doesn’t see enough photos of music icons engaged in mini sports.

Tennis: In the arena of table-free tennis, Cohen, when he first sought spiritual guidance on Mount Baldy, was advised by Roshi (his spiritual guide) to take up tennis and join a tennis club in Claremont. Despite this and regular play, his game did not improve much.1





Credit Due Department: Thanks to Maarten Massa for access to the photos of a young Leonard Cohen biking and playing golf. Mini Table Tennis photo by Joseph Carenza III.

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