Leonard Cohen Album Logos: More Best Of Leonard Cohen Album Identifies Six Icons

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More Best of Leonard Cohen (1997) is a collection of Leonard Cohen songs from the studio albums, I’m Your Man and The Future, and the live album, Cohen Live. It is also an icon catalog, displaying line drawings (with borders) of six logos on the front cover and – with identifying legends – on the back cover.


  1. Anima Sola: Songs of Leonard Cohen

    The Mexican religious image is found on the back cover of the album.

  2. Unified Heart: Various Positions

    A post examining the fascinating connection between the Unified Heart symbol and the Various Positions album, authored by the go-to guy for matters of the (Unified) Heart, David Peloquin, is forthcoming. Update: Leonard Cohen’s Language of Symbolism: The Book of Mercy, Various Positions, And The Unified Heart is now online.

  3. Dancers: I’m Your Man

    See The Country Club Dancers Connection To “I’m Your Man”

  4. Hummingbird, Heart, & Handcuffs: The Future

    See “The hummingbird…came here to rescue the heart from the handcuffs”

    The symbols are prominently displayed on the album cover

  5. Moorish Mosque: Cohen Live

    The artwork credits of Cohen Live include “Elements In The Collage Based On Details in the painting ‘The Last Angel’ by Nicholas Roerich.” the buildings on the Angel’s left depict Eastern religious architecture while those the right depict Christian (or Western) religious architecture.

  6. Guitar: New Work


Note: These same symbols also appear adjacent to the individual songs within the booklet (the songs represented by the Cohen Live versions are associated with both the Live Cohen Moorish Mosque emblem and the emblem indicating the album in which the track first appeared).

Credit Due Department: Dominique BOILE provided the images from the More Best of Leonard Cohen CD package. Special thanks go to Coco Éclair, whose help with the Moorish Mosque logo was invaluable.

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