Highly Recommended: Leonard Cohen: A Revelation In The Heart By Paul Zollo

Paul Zollo’s analyses of Leonard Cohen’s songwriting are perceptive, convincing, and empathic. The latest of his articles, Leonard Cohen: A Revelation In The Heart (American Songwriter: April 30, 2020), is no exception. While providing a broad overview of Leonard’s career, this piece offers special insights on his last album, You Want It Darker. To give readers a flavor of the essay, I’ve included the concluding lines, which reference Leonard’s recitation  of Listen To The Hummingbird at the closing of the October 13, 2016 You Want It Darker press event:

That a songwriter and singer would end a long and remarkable career with the statement, “Don’t listen to me,” says everything about the soul of Leonard Cohen. At the end he pointed us all away from this light shining on him to the light inside all things, the source of all songs. The place where great songs come from.

It’s where he is now.



The entire article can be accessed at Leonard Cohen: A Revelation Forever In The Heart.


Credit Due Department: Photo by Mandy MacLeod.

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