The Leonard Cohen – Geoffrey Wren Encounter: Bergen, Aug 28, 2012

I was immediately taken by this photo of Leonard Cohen and Geoffrey Wren (I know it’s confusing because both are wearing hats, but Mr Cohen is the fellow on the viewer’s left) because it’s unique; rather than Leonard’s standard icon’s arm around the fan’s shoulder photo op pose, the two men appear to be carefully taking the measure of each other. Also, the dialog is just right:

Leonard (serious voice): “I see you covered some of my songs on YouTube.”
Me (nervously): “You don’t mind, do you?”
Leonard: “Yes, I do. You should have covered them ALL!”

In an email about this meeting, Geoffrey adds :

This is what he [Leonard Cohen] said, amongst other things [while] we were standing in a queue to get dinner. minestrone soup followed by turkey breast with roast potatoes, etc.

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