Watch 1996 Film Homage To Leonard Cohen: “Leonard, Light My Cigarette” (Bravo!)

In 1996, the Bravo! Channel broadcast Leonard, Light My Cigarette,1 a Canadian experimental film that examined the cultural impact of Leonard Cohen. The poem that serves as narration is Leonard, Light My Cigarette by Tony Babinski, who wrote

You must understand that the film is a love letter to one man and as such the lexicon is perhaps a bit obscure to those not from the same milieu. Leonard Cohen saw the film in October 1996 and pronounced it “…brilliant…excellent…”

The imagery was very familiar to Leonard – he called me after viewing it to tell me how much he liked it – liked it is a mild word – but I don’t want to sound immodest. Our conversation was short but you can imagine my joy. He mentioned Beautiful Losers and his desire to see it made as a feature film. Look for more news about that in the very near future.2



I am republishing selected posts from my former Leonard Cohen site, Cohencentric, here on (these posts can be found at Leonard Cohen). This entry was originally posted July 20, 2016.


  1. Leonard, Light My Cigarette, a film by J. Jacob Potashnik. Poetry and music by Tony Babinski (also starring Darkman). Produced by Jacob Potashnik and Tony Babinski for mtl/ART, in association with Bravo!Fact, a foundation to assist Canadian talent, supported by Bravo Network. Running time 6:22 minutes. Canada, 1996. []
  2. From Leonard, Light My Cigarette at LeonardCohenFiles []

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