Video: An Agile, Determined Ed Sanders Blocks Autograph Seekers To Shield Leonard Cohen’s Escape From Berlin O2

Those in the business of gleaning and then selling celebrity autographs sometimes videotape the signing itself to assure potential buyers of the signature’s authenticity. In this case, the video, taken after the July 17, 2013 Leonard Cohen concert in Berlin, captures not only the Canadian singer-songwriter responding graciously to requests for his autograph but, more to the point of this post, Ed Sanders, a Producer/Director who has worked with Leonard on numerous projects,1 displaying NFL-worthy skills in blocking the avid autograph-seekers to allow the performer, who had just completed a three hour set, to escape.

In the screen capture above, Ed Sanders is to Leonard’s left. In the screenshot below, he has rotated in front of Leonard, blocking access to him by the main contingent of those requesting autographs and reaching out with his right hand to intercept another attempt from that direction.

He then rotates once more and, as seen below (a screenshot of another video of the same event), secures passage from the venue for Leonard Cohen and his assistant, Kezban Özcan.

Ed is, after all, a pro. The maneuver can be viewed in motion on the video below.

Leonard Cohen signing Autographs at 17th July 2013 in Berlin

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  1. E.g., he served as video producer for all the live releases from the 2008-2013 tours, produced and engineered Anjani’s “Blue Alert,” and recorded Leonard reciting “The Jungle Line” on River: The Joni Letters, the Joni Mitchell tribute album. []

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