Listen To Spectacular 1979 Leonard Cohen Manchester Show, Including “Billy Sunday” aka “Blues By The Jews” & “I Wandered Into An Automat”

A Classic Concert For Your Listening Pleasure

Christopher Allard, aka ALB123Videos, offers this spectacular Leonard Cohen bootleg:

For those of you interested in hearing a fantastic bootleg of Leonard Cohen playing in Manchester, England on December 9, 1979, follow the link below. The link below is for the entire playlist, but as always, you can listen to any individual song(s). Unfortunately, these are audio-only uploads. I added a few still photos to make it a “video” so I could upload it to YouTube. I think it makes good background music while I surf the web. I hope you all enjoy this fantastic performance!

Leonard Cohen 1979 Manchester Set List

01 – Bird on the Wire
02 – Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye
03 – Who By Fire
04 – Field Commander Cohen
05 – Passing Through
06 – The Window
07 – One of Us Cannot Be Wrong
08 – Diamonds in the Mine
09 – So Long, Marianne
10 – The Stranger Song
11 – A Singer Must Die
12 – I Stood At the Corner of 23rd (Poem)
13 – I Wandered Into an Automat
14 – Chelsea Hotel #2
15 – The Partisan
16 – Famous Blue Raincoat
17 – Lover, Lover, Lover
18 – The Smokey Life
19 – The Guests
20 – Memories
21 – Suzanne
22 – There is a War
23 – The Gypsy’s Wife
24 – Billy Sunday
25 – I Tried to Leave You
26 – Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
27 – Tonight Will Be Fine
28 – Bird on the Wire (2nd Time Playing)

Sample Recordings From The Leonard Cohen 1979 Manchester Concert

For this sampler from the 1979 show, I’ve chosen a poem, “I Wandered Into An Automat,” and a song, “Billy Sunday,” that long ago disappeared from Leonard Cohen’s concert set list and, consequently, may not be familiar to new fans.


Leonard Cohen – I Wandered Into An Automat
Manchester: December 9, 1979



Leonard Cohen – Billy Sunday aka Blues By The Jews
And God is very angry
Just in case you think He’s not
Manchester: December 9, 1979


The Leonard Cohen 1979 Manchester Concert YouTube Link

The playlist link is Leonard Cohen 1979 Manchester Concert Playlist


Credit Due Department: Photo atop this post taken by Armando Fusco (flickr name Rhymin’ Simon) at Dec 14, 1979 Dublin Leonard Cohen concert.

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