Video: Leonard Cohen’s Sublime Webb Sisters Backing Tom Petty On “Don’t Come Around Here No More”

Charley & Hattie Webb Keep On Dancing

As shown in the animation atop this post, the Webb Sisters are still into acrobatic dancing as well as backup vocals (there have been no reports of cartwheels). The excited gyrations in the gif are from the video embedded below. A couple of notes on the sisters joining Petty’s tour follow.

Petty strummed the opening chords on acoustic, with airy harmonies from the Webb Sisters (“our newest friends,” as he referenced Hattie and Charley Webb, who are providing background vocals for the shows). He noted that their presence fulfills his longtime wish to be able to tour with the duo, known for its own work as well as touring with Leonard Cohen … . They sweetened the mix, something they would also repeat subsequently on “Learning to Fly.”1


Arms wide open at every turn as if to bear hug the arena itself, thank yous pouring from him profusely, the frontman sported a beatific glaze behind his dark sunglasses, almost waltzing about the stage at times, while waving his hands maestro-like and slowing time somehow – orchestrating the adore. Solos extended, arrangements elasticized just enough for discharged Leonard Cohen backup singers Hattie and Charley Webb (who barely needed the boss man on “Don’t Come Around Here No More”)2)


Tom Petty – Don’t Come Around Here No More
Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City: April 20, 2017


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