Video Of Leonard Cohen’s “Start Smoking Again At 80” Stage Shtick That Led To This Photo Of Leonard Smoking On His 80th Birthday

This photo and its caption, “Leonard Cohen enjoying his first (and last) cigarette on the occasion of his 80th birthday” [note the “Thank you for not smoking” sign behind Leonard], from the booklet accompanying the Leonard Cohen Can’t Forget album are a followup to Leonard’s Starting Smoking Again At 80 stage shtick from the 2012 and 2013 tours.

This video from the April 2, 2013 Wallingford, CT concert captures a solid Leonard Cohen performance of Show Me The Place followed by the monologue beginning “This is the point in the show two years hence when I smoke my first cigarette,” which itself segues into the opening chords of Anyhow (the performance of Anyhow is not part of this video). While the video is configured to automatically begin with the smoking soliloquy, it is simple and rewarding to manually start it at the first of the video and enjoy Show Me The Place.

Leonard Cohen – Show Me The Place
Wallingford, CT: April 2, 2013
Video by WorldStreams

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