Joys Of The Leonard Cohen Soundcheck: Great Performances – I Can’t Forget at Lucca 2013


Soundchecks: The Other Leonard Cohen Tour

Attending a Leonard Cohen soundcheck1 is enlightening, instructive, and inspiring, but most of all, it’s fun.

The Video: I Can’t Forget

Yeah I loved you all my life
And that’s how I want to end it
The summer’s almost gone
The winter’s tuning up
Yeah, the summer’s gone
But a lot goes on forever
And I can’t forget, I can’t forget
I can’t forget but I don’t remember what

In addition to a performance of I Can’t Forget, a song played only three times in concert during 2013,2 this high quality video offers views of the venue impossible to see in videos of the nighttime show and the usual joys of soundcheck – the musicians in mufti, the crew preparing for the concert …

Leonard Cohen – I Can’t Forget
Lucca Soundcheck: July 9, 2013
Video by hrjgr


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  1. The technical definition of soundcheck from Wikipedia follows: A soundcheck is the preparation that takes place before a concert, speech, or similar performance, when the performer and the sound crew run through a small portion of the upcoming show on the venue’s sound system to make sure that the sound in the venue’s “Front Of House” and stage monitor sound systems is clear and at the right volume and tonal frequencies. Now, the sound system is certainly adjusted during a Leonard Cohen soundcheck and – well, that’s about it as far as similarities go. A two hour soundcheck, featuring more songs than some bands play during a full concert, is not unusual for the Unified Heart Touring Company. And, a Leonard Cohen soundcheck serves as a rehearsal for songs not then in the tour’s setlist. Soundcheck may include new songs, old songs not heard at a Cohen concert for decades, or dramatically different versions of old standards. []
  2. Statistics courtesy of Roman Gavrilin aka Hermitage Prisoner []

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  1. Thank you so much, Allen for your daily Leonard Cohen offerings! They really are a joy and I look forward to receiving them.

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