Leonard Cohen’s Adventures In Psychology: His Rorschach Test & Reich’s Orgone Accumulator Box

Leonard Cohen’s repeated dismissals of psychotherapy (e.g., see “I saw my friends in [psychotherapy] did not look improved.” Leonard Cohen), did not preclude his intellectual interest in psychology.


I spent many afternoons with Stephanie and Louis [Dudek]. I remember Stephanie, working on her Ph.D. in psychology, gave me the Rorschach Test. She had us interested in the orgone accumulator box and Reichian theory.


Leonard Cohen


This is one of those How About That? posts. Consider the implications of the above throwaway line Leonard Cohen offered in an interview about Louis Dudek.1

  1. At some point, a psychological profile was generated from Leonard Cohen’s responses to a Rorschach Test – scary notion, eh?
  2. Leonard Cohen was interested in the theories of Wilhelm Reich, including his ideas about orgone. Are there overlooked references to Reich’s bions or orgastic potency in Cohen’s work analogous to his Scientology allusion to going clear in Famous Blue Raincoat?

Points to ponder.



Credit Due Department: “Orgone Energy Accumulator (right-angle, closed)” by GulpenOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

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  1. Louis Dudek: A Biographical Introduction by Susan Strumberg-Stein (Dundum: Jan 1, 1983) []

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