Leonard Cohen Outs Himself As A Pseudo-Buddhist

Leonard Cohen: I am not a Buddhist, but a pseudo-Buddhist.

Why a pseudo-Buddhist and not a Buddhist?

Leonard Cohen: I began my studies with my old teacher not to find a new religion. He was not looking to convert me to Buddhism. I am happy with my religion, it is the religion of my parents and grandparents. It was something different. Sometime ago I met an old man who was much wiser than I. And I began to study with him.

How did your studies affect or enrich your religious beliefs?

Leonard Cohen: My work with him was not centered on my beliefs. It had more to do with the mechanics of living with a religious dogma or a certain vision of God. It was a study of friendship.


Leonard Cohen: “We are instruments of a will that is not our own.” by Jordi Saládrigas. ABC, Sunday Supplement: July 22, 2001.

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  1. Buddhism, and Zen Buddhism in particular, very pointedly discourages those who come to it from abandoning, or even altering, their religion.

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