Love In The Time Of COVID-19: Chapel Hill, North Carolina July 19, 2020

The definitive sign that the Duchess (aka Penny Showalter) and I have finally become acclimated to the era of coronavirus precautions is her purchase – and, more significantly – her assembly of deck furniture so that we can enjoy staying home this time of year rather than, for example, planning our next trip to Maui.

And, while I resent the restrictions, I admit that listening to my Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young playlist and sipping lemonade while savoring the view from our balcony (see image atop this post), notwithstanding its a tad too pristine, Disney neighborhood aspect, doesn’t qualify as a hardship.

3 thoughts on “Love In The Time Of COVID-19: Chapel Hill, North Carolina July 19, 2020

  1. I find that looking at beautiful scenery, whether out the window or on the computer screen, whether “real” or Disneyesque, makes much of today’s situation bearable. Beauty does that to you.

  2. I wish that we were there on the balcony with you. Although my lemonade would require vodka. We love yall to the moon and back. Stay safe, there is only one you.

  3. Worked on 2 west Pand PI when your group of residents were fortunate enough to collaborate with our excellent staff. Stumbled on your blogs while looking up history of P and PI. Remember your group well and also knew Marc Slutsky. I went to child psy. at Lorie’s in 79. Got my MA in Spec Ed and taught in Berwyn. Retired, then Covid hit and subbing was put on hold.
    Good Memories of Reese and our medical staff.

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