Javier Mas & Glen Hansard Visit The Shop That Made Leonard Cohen’s Conde Guitar

Conde is a name Leonard Cohen fans may recognize from Leonard’s 2011 Prince of Asturias Awards Speech:

I was compelled… to go and open my guitar. I have a Conde guitar, which was made in Spain… I pick up an instrument I acquired over 40 years ago. I took it out of the case, I lifted it, and it seemed to be filled with helium it was so light. And I brought it to my face and I put my face close to the beautifully designed rosette, and I inhaled the fragrance of the living wood. You know that wood never dies. I inhaled the fragrance of cedar as fresh as the first day that I acquired the guitar. And a voice seemed to say to me: “You are an old man and you have not said thank you, you have not brought your gratitude back to the soil from which this fragrance arose”. And so I come here tonight to thank the soil and the soul of this people that has given me so much. [emphasis mine]

From the YouTube blurb:

A few days ago, Glen Hansard, an Oscar winning (2007) Irish musician paid us a visit with his friend and colleague Javier Mas (Leonard Cohen’s band). They spent some time with us trying out the guitars.


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