Goodbye Gary – DrHGuy & Friends: 1970s

I learned last week that Gary Armstrong, one of my best friends from childhood through young adulthood, died. Gary was not only a buddy but also

  • The last guy to punch me in the nose (deservedly – I second-guessed his choice to stretch a triple into a home run during grade school recess)
  • The only individual enrolled at the Diamond, Missouri High School, who was obsessed with the Hillman Minx to the extent that he bought two of those vehicles, the second to cannibalize to keep the first running


  • The character known as PolySciGuy featured in The Great Ozark Folk Festival Flood of 1973
  • The fellow who was, in large part, responsible for
    The final stroke of my master plan required the shrewdness to be randomly matched for my med school entrance interview with a Dean who was an expatriated New Yorker with a penchant for political involvement. When he unexpectedly asked why I had not elaborated on one of my few extracurricular activities, serving as Chief Justice on my college’s Student Court, I was too taken aback to fabricate a believable, self-aggrandizing explanation and replied, truthfully, that is was “political patronage.” In support of a friend of mine who was a candidate for student body president, I published a few editions of an underground, muckraking newspaper. When he won, he offered me my choice of appointments and Chief Justice had the most grandiloquent title with the least work (I did manage to refrain from blurting out that last part). That, apparently, was the right answer or, perhaps, the secret word of the day.


All this triggered the republication of this 2007 post, featuring a cache of photos from the 1970s contributed by Hippie With Tiara aka Irene Ellis. The above display is a collection of poor man’s scans of those photos (i.e., my photographs of a batch of 30 year old photographs). An identification key, with dates approximated, follows the photos.

From upper left and proceeding clockwise:

  • Hippie With Tiara and DrHGuy (1973)
  • Princess of Peds aka Jean Smith and Red Bridgewater1 (1973)
  • Red and Gary Armstrong2 Hippie With Tiara and DrHGuy (Camping trip – Arkansas Bluegrass Festival – 1972)
  • A particularly grizzly Lord of Leisure aka Neil Ellis and Red (1972)
  • Duke of Derm aka Russ Hall, Bob aka Re-Deal,3 Paula,4 and DrHGuy (1971)

DrHGuy Then and Now

A careful comparison of these pictures of me in 1972 (reader’s left) and now (reader’s right) demonstrates, well, that I haven’t lost my ability to sit on a rock. No, I do not know who surreptitiously placed that cap on my head. On the other hand, I actually believed, God forgive me, that the muttonchops and Prince Valiant hair looked OK.

Credit Due Department: Hillman Minx photo by Charles01Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

  1. Diamond High School; Sister of Tiny []
  2. Diamond High School classmate []
  3. University of Missouri Medical School classmate, now a hot-shot orthopedic surgeon []
  4. University of Missouri Medical School classmate, now Medical Director of Pediatric Hospital []