There Must Be A Story About North Carolina’s “Beef Tongue Road” – So, What The Heck Is It?

Returning home to Chapel Hill from Lake Gaston, The Duchess & I were traversing Macon, NC when I glimpsed a signpost denoting Beef Tongue Road.

Ongoing readers may have been alerted to my admiration of non-conventional street names from the previous post, The Sonny & Cher Avenues Of Golden, MO.

It’s well-known that I am a big proponent of Google Is Your Friend, so one can only imagine my despair when that ultimate source of information failed to yield the derivation of the “Beef Tongue Road.” nomenclature.

Now, I’m begging. Does anyone know why the powers that be in Warren County, North Carolina decided to name this thoroughfare “Beef Tongue Road?” Please let me know.

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