Two Fascinating Leonard Cohen Quizzes

There are a batch of Leonard Cohen quizzes online. I find most unsatisfying, featuring a preponderance of questions focused on Leonard’s biography, discography/bibliography, covers, and lyrics. I have, however, (re)discovered a couple of quizzes, both published at LeonardCohenForum, that are more ambitious, challenging, and, most of all, fun.

Note: (1) The original quizzes are technically expired which reduces ones enjoyment of them not a whit and (2) while the links go to the specific sections of the post with containing the questions and answers, the discussion embedded in the other portions of the post is well worth reading as well.

The Leonard Cohen Song Quiz by DB Cohen (Apr 12, 2020)


The Leonard Cohen Song Quiz – Part 2 by DB Cohen (May 05, 2020)



It’s Quiztime by Maarten Massa (Sept 2, 2005)


Credit Due Department: Image atop post is the back cover of Flowers For Hitler.

2 thoughts on “Two Fascinating Leonard Cohen Quizzes

  1. Its a shame that we do not now have the master himself to comment on the words and meanings from some of his songs.
    For, are some words meant as a description and view on many aspects of life itself, or as the actual meaning of each word may appear in a dictionary? We will never know now, but one thing is certain, I think it is important that each and every listener applies his own imagination to the song, and applies their own understanding to it.
    For it a personal view depicted by Leonard himself, so I believe that he would not mind if we also apply it to our own thoughts, using it to fit the song lyrics into our own particular personal thoughts and feelings and current life’s.
    For instance, it is mentioned that Dress Rehearsal Rag is not about suicide, but to me it fits that scenario like a glove. I imagine that it was written about someone he knew, rather than himself, or maybe it is a view on the way his life was going at that time. “And So Its Come To This”, to me that line applies itself to a person whom has reached great heights in life, but still lives has an indecent lifestyle, and as such is contemplating leaving this cruel world in his own way, rather than see out time.
    Tower of Song I see as a huge apartment block, where all the great and past musicians and singers are housed in their after life, you start at the bottom and work your way up as the tower is added to.
    These are just my own personal thoughts, for it is something, had I been fortunate enough to do so, would have liked to discuss with him in person. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be, he probably knew that I would have tied him up for hours just talking to him. So many questions, so much he had to tell the world, both in actions and words…..yes, I do miss him.

  2. Glad you enjoyed that, Allan!
    As my last words say on answering Doron’s first quiz –
    “Thanks for the dance
    It was hell, it was swell, it was fun”…

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