Allison Crowe, The Movies, & Zack Snyder

Today’s posting of Zack Snyder & His Personal Connection To Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah prompts this consideration of Zack Snyder’s personal connection to Allison Crowe, most of which was first published on Cohencentric.

Ongoing readers may recall that Snyder originally planned to use Allison’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah in Watchmen but opted for Leonard’s own rendition of the now iconic hymn because hers was considered “too beautiful.”1

James Parker: The sex scene between Nite Owl and Silk Spectre II is pretty great — the boots, the zips. And you’ve got Leonard Cohen doing “Hallelujah” over it.

Zack Snyder: Well, I originally had a different version of “Hallelujah” on that scene — it was the version by Allison Crowe, and it was really beautiful. Too beautiful, as it turned out, because when I showed it to my buddies, they were like, “Wow, you really mean this, this love scene.” So I was like, okay, that didn’t work. But with the Leonard Cohen, in that moment, it’s a little sadder of a song, it’s a little bit more twisted, it’s a little more broken, which expresses to me what’s going on in that scene, between those two characters.2


Here’s what that superhero sex scene looks and sounds like with Allison’s version of Hallelujah as the soundtrack.

Allison Crowe: Hallelujah Watchmen Scene


It turns out that Snyder, who also considered Crowe for Sucker Punch, didn’t forget the Canadian songstress, signing her on to sing Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire and play a cameo role as a singer in a pub in the Cassidy Inn in Nanaimo, Allison’s home town, that served as a bar for Alaskan loggers in Man Of Steel.

“I’m a big Johnny Cash fan. And I’m a big Allison Crowe fan. So the combination to me seemed like an awesome opportunity if we could make it happen,” explains “Man of Steel” Director Zack Snyder. “Allison and I had talked about trying to get some of her music in one of my movies whenever we could – and I thought, well, if I just put her in the film then there’s no way that it won’t work. So, that’s where you get Allison from.”

“(Zack) keeps trying to get me into movies and it’s amazing,” responds Crowe in the feature. “I first kinda met Zack over the internet about songs online… I think about four or five years ago the first one would have been the ‘Watchmen’ and he was looking to do ‘Hallelujah’. And then the second one we were looking at another song for ‘Sucker Punch’ and so now we have Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’ and the altercation ensues…”3




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