Zack Snyder & His Personal Connection To Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah

Zack Snyder selected Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” the same song he used as a soundtrack for the sex scene in Watchmen, for the teaser trailer of his version of Justice League (coming to HBO Max in 2021).



Snyder explained his choice, linking it to Autumn Snyder, his daughter who died in 2017 by suicide.


It was on two years ago. … It’s a really personal song for the family, and for all of us. It’s something that I just felt that was right for this. That’s why. I just think that that song, in particular, really, for all of us, it has significance beyond just the movie. I think we all love the song and it just felt like, as I was trying to wrangle this whole thing into the ‘why’ of it, I just felt like that song was the right way to do it.1


Zack Snyder


Jay Oliva, who worked with Zack Snyder on this project, clarified the issue:



Credit Due Department: Photo by Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America – Zack Snyder, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia



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