Leonard Cohen Online Directory Update: Sui Generis & General Interviews, General Critiques, & Essays On Specific Leonard Cohen Songs & Writings

The Leonard Cohen Online Directory is a one-stop reference page providing the best Leonard Cohen resources from all over the internet. The Directory comprises a continuously updated collection of annotated links to specific items organized into meaningful categories. The Leonard Cohen Online Directory was originally posted Apr 26, 2015; I am now revising, updating, and republishing the Directory section by section.

This post introduces the most recently published sections of the Directory:

  • Sui Generis & General Interviews
  • General Critiques
  • Essays On Specific Leonard Cohen Songs & Writings

All published sections can be found at the Leonard Cohen Online Directory page.

Sui Generis & General Interviews

  • Who held a gun to Leonard Cohen’s head? by Tim de Lisle (The Guardian: September 17, 2004) 70 facts about Leonard Cohen on the occasion of his 70th birthday
  • Ladies and Gents, Leonard Cohen by Jack Hafferkamp. (Rolling Stone: Feb. 4, 1971) One of best summaries of Leonard Cohen’s career through 1970. Engagingly, colorfully written.
  • Leonard Lately – A Leonard Cohen Interview by Bill Conrad (No Depression: May 7, 2012) Report of a 1976 interview that includes Leonard Cohen giving Willie York LSD, quotations not found elsewhere, & two shows “at the cozy Exit-In, a club with less than 150 seats” not listed in any reference.
  • St. Leonard’s Passion by Liel Leibovitz, (Tablet: Jan 31, 2012). Strong on Cohen’s early career, especially the 1970 Isle of Wight appearance.
  • Interview / Leonard Cohen by Alan Twigg. Date: 1979, 1984, 1985 (ABC Bookworld) Wide-ranging interviews, especially strong on philosophy behind Cohen’s work
  • Porridge? Lozenge? Syringe? by Adrian Deevoy, (Q Magazine, 1991) (LeonardCohenFiles) Another wide-ranging interview: refers to “I’m Your Fan” tribute album, his poetry & novels, & his musical evolution
  • Leonard Cohen, Pain Free by Sheldon Teitelbaum (Los Angeles Times: April 5, 1992) An especially thoughtful interview and a discerning profile.
  • Conversation Between Leonard Cohen And Arthur Kurzweil (LeonardCohenFiles) Interview focused on Cohen’s Judaic heritage
  • The Counterfeiter Begs Forgiveness: Leonard Cohen and Leonard Cohen by Stephen Scobie (University of Western Ontario) Keynote address at 1993 Leonard Cohen Conference. Good critical review of Cohen’s career to that point.
  • Suzanne Vega Interviews Leonard Cohen October 1992 (Suzanne Vega Site) The title notwithstanding, this is as much a case of Leonard Cohen interviewing Suzanne Vega. Regardless, the content is informative and fun.
  • Leonard Cohen and the Bay of Pigs by Evan Fleischer. Somersault Magazine: December 13, 2012) Summary of Cohen’s trip to Cuba in 1961, mostly culled from biographies.
  • Broken Offering by Tim Footman (Aeon: Nov 16, 2012) An insightful, enlightening, well written, must-read essay on Leonard Cohen and religion.
  • A Session With Poet Cohen: (Page C-4 – first page & Page C-5 – second page) by Jon Whyte, et al. The Gateway, Dec 2, 1966 (University of Alberta Libraries) Topics: Life & Death, Religion & Ritual, Relationship Of Art To Reality, Significance Of Poetry, LSD …
  • Leonard Cohen Interview – Kathleen Kendel: Pacifica Radio WBAI Radio, NYC, Dec 4, 1974. While the questions are basic and have been asked before, the responses are high quality. Well worth a listen.
  • Cohen Down The Road by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, May 22, 1976. (Reality Now!) Especially strong on songwriting & understanding Cohen’s songs
  • Leonard Cohen’s Interview With Anjelica Huston. Interview: November 1995. Found. at Remembering Leonard Cohen by Anjelica Huston (Interview: Nov 11, 2016). Topics include Leonard’s stay at the Mt Baldy Zen Center, his feelings about those who cover his songs,dealing with passion, panic, depression, & growing old,cultural violence.The Future album,love, compassion

General Critiques

Essays On Specific Leonard Cohen Songs & Writings

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