1965 – When Leonard Cohen Really Was Just A Kid With A Crazy Dream: “I think I’m going to record myself singing my poems”

Cohen’s career took a new jog when, one day in the summer of 1965 in a suite in Toronto’s King Edward Hotel, Cohen sat on a sagging couch composing tunes on a mouth organ. In between he tried singing his poems to a friend. In an adjoining bedroom, visible through an open door, a naked couple twisted and moaned through the songs, their concentration on Leonard’s music and their own rhythms clearly affected by middle-class amounts of cocaine and marijuana. Cohen chose to interpret their noises positively. “I think I’m going to record myself singing my poems,” he said. His friend winced at the sound of Cohen’s nasal voice. “Please don’t,” she replied. The admonition showed much esthetic sense but lacked all commercial judgment. In 1967 Cohen released his first album, Songs of Leonard Cohen, and a cult of international dimensions was established.


From Leonard Cohen Says That to All the Girls
By Barbara Amiel (Maclean’s: Sept 18, 1978)

Photo is a screenshot from 1965 NFB documentary film, Ladies and Gentlemen. . .Mr. Leonard Cohen.

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