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The Leonard Cohen Online Directory is a one-stop reference page providing the best Leonard Cohen resources from all over the internet. The Directory comprises a continuously updated collection of annotated links to specific items organized into meaningful categories. The Leonard Cohen Online Directory was originally posted Apr 26, 2015; I am now revising, updating, and republishing the Directory section by section.

This post introduces the most recently published sections of the Directory:

  • Articles On Literature, Films, & Art About Or Inspired By Leonard Cohen
  • Leonard Cohen’s Work As A Source Of Succor
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  • Videos: Live Musical Performances

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Articles On Literature, Films, & Art About Or Inspired By Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen’s Work As A Source Of Succor

  • Why I Love Leonard Cohen by Ahmed Rashid (New York Review of Books: Nov 15, 2012) Excerpt: “[Leonard Cohen:] A spiritual man for these unspiritual times, someone with whom you can shed the weight of reality, your fears and concerns”
  • Roger Ebert: The Essential Man by Chris Jones. (Esquire: March 2010. Note: Pertinent section begins at 14th paragraph) Roger Ebert, who died in 2013 from thyroid cancer, found succor in Leonard Cohen’s music. “There was one song in particular he played over and over: “I’m Your Man,” by Leonard Cohen. That song saved his life.”
  • Maziar Bahari On The Music Of Leonard Cohen: “Of such stuff is survival made” (Cohencentric / AllanShowalter.com) Bahari, reporting on the presidential election in Iran, was imprisoned in June 2009 for being “an agent of foreign intelligence organizations.” Tortured & threatened with death, he credits his psychological survival to being able to using Cohen’s songs to create a “parallel universe” in which he could reside apart from his physical surroundings.

Special Collections Of Articles

Collections of articles about Leonard Cohen at a specific journal, newspaper, blog, etc.

Alternative Methodology: Search Google for
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Online Audio and Video Recordings

Videos: Live Musical Performances

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