Aloha, Allan and Evelyn Truax

A Journey Completed: Allan and Evelyn Truax1 Arrive In Hawaii

In Evelyn and Allan Truax Journey Through Life Together, the most recent post in The Life and Times of Allan Lincoln Truax series, I noted that Allan and Evelyn first set and reached the goal of visiting all the states in the continental US. As states were added to the Union, their total destinations were contemporaneously altered, and they traveled through the Canadian Provinces to Alaska. For good measure, Allan also journeyed through Cuba, Mexico, England, and Scotland.

Then, Hawaii became the 50th state.

And so it came to pass that, in the early 1960’s when both Allan and Evelyn were in their 90s, they made it to the Island State for a Shriners Convention.

Reaching their visit every state in the Union goal is not the most significant of Allan’s or Evelyn’s achievements, but it’s certainly an event worth commemorating in a Heck of a Guy post.


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