New Leonard Cohen Online Directory Now Complete

First published Apr 26, 2015, the Leonard Cohen Online Directory is a one-stop reference page, providing the best Leonard Cohen resources from all over the internet. The Directory comprises a continuously updated collection of annotated links to specific items organized into meaningful categories. For the past few months, I have been revising, updating, and reposting segments of the Leonard Cohen Online Directory.

This post introduces the final sections of the original Directory:

  • Leonard Cohen’s Hydra
  • Leonard Cohen’s Los Angeles & Mt Baldy Zen Center
  • Leonard Cohen Forum
  • Leonard Cohen Facebook Groups

As of 7:06 AM November 21, 2020, all links are live. New entries will be added to the Leonard Cohen Online Directory in the future.

All published sections can be found at the Leonard Cohen Online Directory page.

Leonard Cohen’s Hydra

Leonard Cohen’s Los Angeles & Mt Baldy Zen Center

Cohenite Connections

Leonard Cohen Forum

  • If Leonard Cohen had an official fan club (Leonard calls us “friends” not “fans”), this would be the official fan club site. It includes esoteric debates about kabbalistic influences on Cohen’s songs, detailed descriptions of the individual 2008-2013 concerts, ticket pre-sales, lust-driven discussions of Cohen’s attractions for women, official announcements of tours, and much, much more – as well as the occasional pronouncements from Cohen’s management or the Man himself delivered through webmaster Jarkko Arjatsalo. One can lurk and visit but not post without signing up. Registration is free and entails no untoward obligations. Highly recommended.

Leonard Cohen Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are, by a large margin, where the most Leonard Cohen fan interaction takes place on a day to day basis. Discovering which Leonard Cohen Facebook Group fits a fan’s needs is largely a matter of trial and error. An incomplete list of general Leonard Cohen Groups, some public and some closed, follows:


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