International Premiere Of “Leonard Cohen With Book In Paris Garden – June 15, 2013”

A Dominique BOILE Film

Welcome to the debut of “Leonard Cohen With Book In Paris Garden,” Dominique BOILE’s nine second1 video of Leonard Cohen pondering one of the books he signed for Dominique in the garden of his Paris hotel on June 15, 2013. Ongoing readers may recall the excitement created by the posting of 10 Exclusive Photos: Leonard Cohen In Paris – June 15, 2013 the weekend before the Bercy concert that began the 2013 Leonard Cohen European Tour.

While one might argue that little is depicted in the video beyond what could be and has been shown by a still photo of the same scene, such a view does not take into account the non-referential indexicality of Cohen’s behavior. Think Andy Warhol meets Jean Cocteau.

Leonard Cohen With Book In Paris Garden – June 15, 2013
By Dominique BOILE

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  1. YouTube rounds it up to 10 seconds but Dominique’s integrity as an auteur mandates an accurate count, lest the moral core of the film be compromised. []

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