Forget Your Perfect Autograph – Leonard Cohen Signs Off

I receive many requests to verify a Leonard Cohen autograph as authentic. It turns out that Leonard was a man of variety. He, for example, wore many different hats (e.g., fedoras, berets, cowboy hats…), scarves, and boots, He smoked several brands of cigarettes and displayed a multitude of hair styles. And, the Canadian singer-songwriter’s autographs varied as well. Dominique BOILE offers these specimens.

Dominique assures me that the three scrawled autographs shown above on the covers of the digitally remastered CDs released in February 2007 are authentic, albeit imperfect, Leonard Cohen signatures.

How can Dominique be so confident the signatures are authentic? Well, that’s him on the right watching Leonard Cohen signing those CDs on July 11, 2007 in Paris.

Dominique also assures me he has a batch of CDs, magazines, photos, etc, all of which bear more recognizable – and more legible – versions of the Canadian singer-songwriter’s autograph. But, a few more atypical autographs follow:


This strange autograph was given by Leonard to me when I met him in Paris May 13, 1993, after his concert. The signature is on page 3 of a very rare french booklet (50 pages) given by La FNAC to all the buyers of Leonard Cohen’s The Future. I bought 1 CD, 1 LP and 1 cassette, so I have 3 booklets. Only one is dedicated by Leonard.

Another strange signature (also after the May 13, 1993 Paris concert) on the “1993 World Tour Book.”

[The signature done] with a golden ink on a Spanish vinyl 45 RPM (Dance Me To The End Of Love / Coming Back To You)

[This signature done] on a vinyl LP Greatest Hits (authentic?)

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