Property Wanted: Farm Near Nashville – Contact Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen Intends To Settle Down

This May 23, 1969 press release from the London office of CBS Records promoting Leonard Cohen’s single of “Bird On A Wire” and “Seems So Long Ago, Nancy,” not only expounds on Leonard’s “unique and distinctive compositions,” “his wry, gentle and unforced interpretations,” and the “tremendous amount of interest” he has generated, but also discloses that

Leonard is currently searching for a small suitable farm near Nashville on which he intends to settle permanently.

Well, Leonard did not purchase that “small suitable farm near Nashville,… to settle permanently,” but he did manage, with help from his producer, Bob Johnston,  to rent a place in Franklin, Tennessee, only 21 miles south of Nashville, where he and Suzanne Elrod lived for two years.

Producer Bob Johnston rented the place from Boudleaux Bryant, songwriter of “Bye, Bye Love” and other hits for the Everly Brothers, but let Cohen have it for seventy-five dollars a month. It came with twelve hundred acres of virgin forest filled with hickory, chestnut, oak, beech, and black ash trees. It also had a stream. Wild peacocks roamed the area and Cohen would amuse his occasional guests by imitating their cry.1

Credit Due Department: This press release was contributed by Maarten Massa.

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  1. Excerpt from Various Positions: A Life Of Leonard Cohen by Ira B. Nadel (Random House of Canada: 1996). []

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