Leonard Cohen Describes Meeting Nico, Jackson Browne, Andy Warhol, & Lou Reed – 1966

But I never met anyone from the pop art crowd. One night in 1966 I went looking for the famous ‘scene’. And you could see that extremely beautiful woman who sang in a monotone. I immediately fell in love with her. That was Nico. Jackson Browne accompanied her on guitar. I tried to introduce myself to her but she was interested in Jackson Browne who was 18 years old, very handsome and talented (laughs)… Nico and me and Jackson became friends. We spent a couple of nights together at Dom. Andy Warhol came in once in awhile; I would wave at him and him at me. I had a very small reputation back then, one of the man that wrote ‘Suzanne’ that Judy Collins recorded. That was my only credit. Until I met Lou Reed who knew my work well. He had read both Beautiful Losers and Flowers for Hitler, he was very nice to me, very warm. One night we were together at a table at Max’s Kansas City when someone insulted me and as usual I didn’t realize it. Lou Reed clued me in to it and said ‘Don’t pay any attention, Leonard, you’re the man who wrote Beautiful Losers.’ (laughs)



Leonard Cohen

Comme Un Guerrier by Christian Fevret (Throat Culture magazine, 1992).

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