Leonard Cohen: Sur Un Fil [Leonard Cohen: On A Wire] – Graphic Novel By Philippe Girard To Be Published 2021

Dominique BOILE alerts us to the planned publication of Leonard Cohen: Sur Un Fil [Leonard Cohen: On A Wire],1 a graphic novel by Philippe Girard, scheduled for release in French on March 17, 2021. The English version will be available in Nov. 2021.

The book’s cover shows Cohen walking through the Golden Square Mile, carrying a guitar case and puffing on a cigarette. “He’s coming back from a concert. He’s passing by Ben’s Deli — an important restaurant for Montreal and for Leonard Cohen. On his guitar, there are pictograms which serve as winks to themes in the book,” said Girard. “It’s Leonard Cohen at the end of his work day, probably at night, heading home like any other working Montrealer, not in a limousine or a helicopter, but on foot, walking the streets of his city.”2


  1. Original name: Cordialement, Leonard Cohen [Sincerely, Leonard Cohen] []
  2. From Quebec cartoonist traces the life of Leonard Cohen in black and white by Marilla Steuter-Martin (CBC News: Nov 29, 2020) []

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