“[Sex and religion] are the healing activities that are available to us.“ Leonard Cohen In Canada Honours Cohen

I don’t want to destroy the hard-earned sense of dignity with which I’m appreciated in this country.

Leonard Cohen’s comment
on the above photo shoot


Leonard Cohen talks about songwriting having no dignity, the resonance a specific wine offers to his songs, and his gratitude for the interviewer “buying my cover story” in the CBC television interview, “Canada Honours Cohen” broadcast on Prime Time News (Host: Laurie Brown) Dec. 3, 1993. Found at the CBC Archives.

From CBC site:

In the 1990s, Cohen enjoys a resurgence in popularity in North America. In 1991, he is inducted into the Juno Hall of Fame for his contribution towards “the greater international recognition of Canadian artists and music.” In 1993, Cohen receives the Juno Award for Male Vocalist of the Year, following the success of his 11th record The Future. Upon accepting the award he quips how, only in a country like Canada, could he get the male vocalist of the year. Cohen also receives the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award in 1993. The following year Cohen becomes a full-time resident of the Mount Baldy Zen Center near Los Angeles. He is officially ordained as a Zen Buddhist monk five years later and is given the name of Jikan (Silent One). He has since come down from the mountain, and continues to delight his fans with his words and songs.


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