Sept 18, 2009: Leonard Cohen Collapses In Valencia – Dino Soldo & Sharon Robinson Reassure Fans “No Problems, peoples”

During the Sept 18, 2009 Valencia concert, Leonard Cohen collapsed on stage. This video, with Leonard just left of center stage, automatically begins just before his fall.



From Dino Soldo’s Twitter Stream
About 5 PM (Central) Sept 18, 2009

LC has stomach flu. Dehydrated!!!! He has never cancelled a show , so we went on. Collapsed. He’s at hospt & is fine! No need 4 concern yet

About 7 PM (Central) Sept 18, 2009

Being released already. No Problems, peoples.


From Sharon Robinson’s tweet
about 2:30 AM (Central) Sept 19, 2009

Leonard is fine. Bad case of food poisoning but he’s fine. Tour continuing on as planned.

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