Is This 1993 “Waiting For The Miracle” Finnish TV Promo The Most Uneventful Leonard Cohen Video?

Waiting For Something, Anything To Happen In Leonard Cohen’s Hotel Room

A cliche has it that Leonard Cohen’s voice is so compelling that his fans would buy a recording of him reading a telephone directory. I submit that this clip – which has garnered 301,405 views on YouTube [as of 25 November 2020] – is the video equivalent.


Part of a Leonard Cohen Special broadcast on Finnish TV in 1993 (the Special also included an interview and several songs from his April 29, 1993 Helsinki concert), this TV promo, apparently shot in Leonard’s hotel room, features Waiting For The Miracle as the soundtrack and the following highlights: Leonard playing his keyboard in bed, channel surfing, making his bed, gazing from hotel window, organizing his desk, putting on his cap, reciting selected Waiting For The Miracle lyrics, closing his window and curtains, and pointing to the Unified Heart emblem on his suitcase lining.

And, indeed, Leonard somehow manages to generate an air of gravitas performing these mundane tasks. And, I suppose one could construct an explanatory hypothesis that the video somehow employs this four minutes of remarkably unremarkable activity to signify the metaphysics of Waiting For The Miracle — or, alternatively, this is the most uneventful Leonard Cohen video ever.


Leonard Cohen – Waiting For The Miracle
Helsinki: April 1993
Finnish subtitles
Video from Robert Knight

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One thought on “Is This 1993 “Waiting For The Miracle” Finnish TV Promo The Most Uneventful Leonard Cohen Video?

  1. Waiting For The Miracle….I love that piece of work.
    Waiting For The Miracle is a genuine masterpiece in Leonard’s unique catalogue of work.
    The lyrics contain so many deep feelings, and thoughts on past and future scenarios, which are probably present in all of us as we travel along the meandering path of life.
    Once again, and to me, it is just one of many many topics that I would loved to have discussed with Leonard, had I been so very fortunate to have done so. I miss his presence in my life so very much now, but I am ever thankful for the wonderful work he has left behind for generations to listen to, and wonder at.
    The world was indeed blessed, and very fortunate, to have this great man live amongst us at a time when so many of us were able to see and listen to him.

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