Day 2 Of The Great Durham Blizzard Of 2010

Durham, NC: 27 December 2010

Shoveling Sunshine

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Because so many snarky readers, apparently in reaction to my posts such as Reasons To Move From North Illinois To North Carolina: No One Shovels Sunshine Off The Driveway, expressed mock concern about my shoveling obligations relative to yesterday’s snow here in Durham, North Carolina as represented in the photo below from that 26 December 2010 Heck Of A Guy entry, I am publishing the above shot of the same area taken today, about 27 hours after the first photo, to reassure those selfsame folks that such worries have proved, like shoveling snow itself, unnecessary and unwarranted. For those who have no recent experience with the phenomenon and may consequently find it difficult to identify, the brighter portion to the viewer’s right is sunshine, a substance no one in these parts chooses to shovel. (To be fair, darn few folks in these parts bother to shovel much of the white stuff either.)

Durham, NC: 26 December 2010

In the spirit of full disclosure, I do admit that the current temperature is only four degrees above freezing, and it is, according to the local TV weatherman, only “partly sunny.”

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