The 2020 Merry Maui Christmas Experience

The Duchess and I spent a safe and sane 2020 Christmas ensconced at home in North Carolina – but we can’t help recalling the past three years we spent the holiday in paradise, aka Maui.
So, to emulate the Merry Maui Christmas experience, I implemented the extensive island decorations shown in the photo atop this post, served The Duchess Kona coffee for her morning repast, and even prepared a homespun version of the Bloody Mary in which she indulges at the Lahaina Grill on her birthday she shares with Baby Jesus.

While this effort has already been moderately successful, I intend to nail it when the next American Express billing cycle comes around by wiping out our bank account in a single withdrawal and then burning the cash while wearing a lei and a grass skirt.

Credit Due Department: Photos by Penny Showalter.

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