Broken Hipster: Awaiting Weight-Bearing (In 2007)

In October 2007, months after my hip injury that took place in the Spring of that year, I was bemoaning…

The surgeon opted for conservative management, decreeing that my much desired transition from walker to cane would not take place for at least another month. I have been – emphatically and repeatedly – instructed to continue to avoid using my right hip to bear any weight. While I am a tad dejected by the medical mandate, this turn of events has at least led me to extend my repertoire of walker-assisted activities. Because dance has always held a certain appeal, I explored the possibilities in this discipline, but the obvious choices – the tango, clogging, and the polka – proved unworkable because of the restriction against weight-bearing on my right leg. And, while it is hardly surprising to learn that something called “The Two-Step” includes movements beyond the capacity of the walking (on one leg) wounded, even the Bunny Hop, one finds, requires a different sort of hopping than the type I’ve been executing behind my walker for the past few weeks. Happily, I discovered that many passages in the Alvin Ailey style are walker-friendly, and intricate routines in this genre can be choreographed that do not demand weight-bearing by the right leg. An example from a quotidian daily workout is pictured above.


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