Video: Must-Hear 1970s Leonard Cohen Interview With Malka Marom

Leonard Cohen exchanges comments with Malka Marom, recites poems, and sings in this excerpt “Recorded From Early 1970’s CBC Radio Interview.” Ongoing readers may recall that Malka Marom published a book of her conversations with Joni Mitchell last year. Marom had originally planned to author a single book based on her interviews with Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. Instead, Joni Mitchell: In Her Own Words was published first with a parallel volume on Leonard Cohen anticipated in 2015.

Update: The Malka Marom book about Leonard Cohen was indeed published but then withdrawn because of legal issues. A few issues are in the hands of buyers, but the book is – for now, at least – officially withdrawn.

This video turned up on YouTube yesterday. By the time I determined that it was a Marka Marom interview, I discovered that Gordana Stupar had already identified it in a post at LeonardCohenForum as a portion (the beginning and the end are missing) of a one hour CBC broadcast that had never been online before. As a bonus, Roman Gavrilin aka Hermitage Prisoner had added some pertinent excerpts from Marom’s website, the most enlightening of which follows:

Malka was commissioned to interview the great poet/troubadour Leonard Cohen by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Though Leonard Cohen agreed to participate the interviews he uttered not a word in reply to Malka’s questions. Then, while slipping his hand under her skirt, he explained: this is an honest true response… as are the poems… the rest is drivel.

Leonard Cohen 1970’s Radio Interview
Video from Riff Digger

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