Leonard Cohen On The Difficulty Of Translating Edith Piaf’s Songs

Interviewer: I’ve heard that you have worked on a translation, an adaptation to English, of Edith Piaf’s songs?


It was an idea I proposed for Jennifer Warnes, not for me. I would like to translate certain Piaf songs for Jennifer, but it is very difficult. I tried a few lines. It’s difficult. A phrase such as ‘C’est l’amour qui fait qu’on s’aime”, now, what does this French sentence mean? That love is responsible? That love is a separate force? [a force apart] That love exists? C’est l’amour qui fait qu’on s’aime. It [the meaning] is not exact. You see the problem!


Leonard Cohen


From Rencontre avec Leonard Cohen, video interview with Leonard Cohen by Ina.fr: 1980. Translation by Coco Éclair.


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