“These are the small things you remember at a time like this” Paul Muldoon On Leonard Cohen’s Last Days: Cheese & Incense

I last saw [Leonard Cohen] in August [2016], so I knew he was not very well. Strangely, my most recent interactions with Leonard were over cheese and incense. He was an expert on incense and I actually have one burning now that he recommended: Chin-Zhou Aloeswood. He also became a bit of a cheese freak towards the end. I sent him one called époisses, which is a fabulous cheese, and he said: ‘It’s all I want to eat now.’ These are the small things you remember at a time like this.


Paul Muldoon


From What Leonard Cohen means to me: ‘He made me feel less heartbroken’ Paul Muldoon, Martha Wainwright, Ezra Furman (Guardian: Nov 13, 2016)


Credit Due Department: Epoisses cheese photo by Matt Biddulph from UK – époisses, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia

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