Must-See 2001 Leonard Cohen Video Interview By Stina Dabrowski

From the YouTube blurb:

Interview – Stina Dabrowski interviews Leonard Cohen in Paris in 2001. Video also contains interview sections made at Mt. Baldy Zen Center in 1997. Includes recitations of “The Correct Attitude” and “Sorrows of the Elderly” and “Because Of.” Aired on the Biography Channel in the UK in 2002.



Credit Due Department: I was alerted to this outstanding video by Linda Sturgess

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  1. Love your postings with info about Leonard Cohen. I have followed his music for many, many, years. You are a wealth of information for me. If only the people on the web site would watch the interviews that you post in his own words the discussions would be so, so, different. Keep up the good work.

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