Why We Live In Chapel Hill Instead Of Chicago: Jan 28, 2021

Chapel Hill Is Under A Winter Weather Advisory

Yep, this is what passes as a snow emergency in North Carolina. The photo atop this post was taken from our front door this morning (Jan 28, 2021). Note that the road itself is free of snow. Despite this observable fact and the network TV station’s admission that “Amounts [of snow] have ranged, unofficially [and optimistically], from 1 to 3 inches,” the local television, radio, and online sources have been desperately warning us to avoid potential danger. The screenshot from this morning’s broadcast is representative.

In comparison, at least one Chicago station, seemingly a tad dispirited by the mere 6-8+ inches of snow falling in the area that was my home for many years, diverted attention to a potentially more dramatic scene.

On Feb 26, 2008, I published the following scenes, photographed from my home in Bull Valley, an exurb of Chicago, in an entry entitled “SOS: Same Old Snow” (with suggested alternative titles of “Yet Another Darn Snow” and “What Is This – The 19th Snowfall This Winter?”).

So, I moved to North Carolina a decade ago, mostly because, as I’ve pointed out before,

No One Shovels Sunshine Off The Driveway

Note: Being a Valley Girl, The Duchess, aka Penny Showalter, does exhibit an inherent panic reflex on sighting white crystals descending from the skies. We’ve learned to deal with it.

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